Pre-fast: Preparing for your juice fasting, detoxification stay

Juice Fasting Preparation is an important precursor to a successful detoxification experience. Preparing your body for the We Care Juice Fasting Detoxification Program fast will affect how you feel and respond during the fast.
For maximum results we suggest:

3 to 4 days prior to beginning your juice fast replace your normal diet by:

  • Eating fruit, raw and steamed vegetables, salads, juices, herbal teas.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of olive oil at bedtime.
  • Take 8 oz. of prune juice in the mornings and herbal laxatives or laxative teas nightly.

AVOID: All grains, pasta, bread, meat, cheese, fish, dairy, processed food and eliminate caffeine and alcohol.
You may eat sprouts for protein.